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team building

Team Building

You need a customized team building solution for an off-site team meeting (year-end, year-beginning, or a POA sales meeting etc.)

We can help you!

Impact Performance Consultants can add high-quality team-building and developmental activities to your year-end or year-beginning meetings. Call today at (269) 207-7373 or click here to schedule a 30-minute discussion about your event and get it scheduled.


Toxic Team Culture

You have an organization experiencing toxic behaviors from leaders or team members

We can help you!

Impact Performance Consultants uses a powerful toolset to help objectively and professionally diagnose and repair toxic behaviors in leaders and organizations. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.



Leaders that require targeted individual professional coaching targeted to their role or development level

We can help you!

Executive coaching can help organizations adapt to evolving work dynamics by guiding leaders to discover their unique path for growth and development. Whether you’re an individual contributor seeking personal development or an HR leader aiming to enhance employee growth opportunities, coaching offers a clear path to help leaders grow, learn, and develop. Which also helps prevent professional burnout. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.

change management

Change Management

You need a customized team building solution for an off-site team meeting (year-end, year-beginning, or a POA sales meeting etc.)

We can help you!

Impact Performance Consultants are change management professionals who play a pivotal role in navigating today’s complex and accelerated pace of change. They help organizations transform by cultivating an agile and resilient workforce, fostering confidence and positivity to embrace change, even in the face of this new digital era. IPC uses a blended approach of traditional and innovative strategies to assist with change management. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.


Launching New Teams

You are Launching a New Team or restructuring a team and need help engaging the team with new ways of working, getting a seasoned team of professionals to align to a new leader.

We can help you!

Our organizational effectiveness professionals play a crucial role in successfully helping you launch your new teams by helping leaders establish clear communication, foster camaraderie, and set achievable goals from the very beginning. Their guidance ensures that teams not only work effectively but also build a strong foundation for long-term success, ultimately avoiding potential challenges and misunderstandings down the road. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.

human resources

HR & Talent Management

You are a HR leader or HR business partner who supports a leader that is toxic and derailing the team and their career.

We can help you!

Unlock the power of IPC for your company’s HR and Talent Management needs. IPC empowers organizations to strategically plan, attract top talent, streamline selection processes, foster employee development, and enhance retention strategies, ultimately saving you up to millions in turnover costs. Invest in IPC to ensure your company attracts, retains, and nurtures the best performers for long-term success. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.

learning and development

Learning and Development

Design, Develop and Deliver Customized training curriculum for frontline manager and middle and senior level leadership Development

We can help!

IPC professionals are your trusted partners for all Learning and Development needs. From designing comprehensive strategies and curricula for employees across all levels to managing your Learning Management System (LMS), we ensure your organization’s culture is not only informed by purpose but also amplified by your brand. Together, we’ll clarify your organization’s purpose, align leadership and the workforce, drive culture into daily practices, and sustain positive changes driven by the development, design, and delivery of best in class learning content. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.

puzzle pieces in shape of a head to portray leadership and team performance forecasting

Leadership and Team Performance Forecasting

Are you looking to hire the right people for the right jobs? Understand the how and why of your leaders potential and team performance.

We can help!

At Impact Performance Consultants, we harness the power of best-in-class diagnostic assessments to unlock a deeper understanding of your leaders and organization’s performance. Our comprehensive approach to personality assessment empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring the alignment of individuals with your organization’s goals. With our expertise, you can confidently hire the right leaders, nurture the potential of talented individuals, and cultivate a stronger, more effective leadership team. Discover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind behavior with our cutting-edge diagnostic tools and drive sustainable success for your organization. Call us today at (269) 207-7373  or click here to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Barnes,  I just wanted to say I so appreciate your expertise and professionalism. The offsite was everything I expected and more. You are the best! Thank you so much for collaborating our team. We have a real opportunity seal the future of our team and organization in a positive way. Trust and accountability is key and I am hopeful we can get there.
Andi, Atlanta

“Ollie has encouraged us to “Lean In” and remain flexible. He has encouraged us to try different approaches and think differently during times of change and to not be married to the way we have always done things. All of which have enabled us to be successful during turbulent times. Thanks for all you have done for NA Training!”

Jodie Kramer

I found the course to be very rewarding both for the exercise and the opportunity to meet some very strong contributors within our Pfizer organization. Ollie and team did a masterful job of running the simulation. They were everything you look for in a trainer. They were knowledgeable, engaged, enthusiastic, entertaining and motivating. In a previous life, I managed a large training function and understand that to accomplish what they did is not easy. They have a great team.

John, New York

Thanks for the work you did with our production site leadership team. Your objective assessment of the issues that causes our leadership team not to be effective and function at a high level was accurate and the development programs that your team delivered has ensured that every people manager can more fully develop their managerial capabilities, They are more self-awareness to their leadership role and more effective at the site.

Simon, Chennai, India

On behalf of the ER team, I want to extend a sincere and large THANK YOU for the terrific session yesterday in New York. The strategies for having those difficult conversations will definitely help us to impact our results with colleagues. This was a rare opportunity for targeted development for the ER team and you met the challenge perfectly. Thank you so much for spending time to craft this practical and timely presentation for the us.
Thank you from all of us!

Anna, New York

Dr. Ollie Barnes thanks for coming to Beijing to observe and diagnose how we can build a stronger and more effective leadership team. Also, thanks for meeting with the senior leaders in our organization to discuss operating plans on how to develop our leadership skills for managers within the China office.

Yu, Beijing

Specialty Team Assessments

oddis 360 feedback on leadership effectiveness


The result of over 30 years of research and experience, ODDIS 360° gives you a game plan for manager success. By measuring 30 dimensions essential to manager success, ODDIS 360º will help your managers take their teams to the next level.

radiant leadership 360

Radiant Leadership 360

Measuring 17 core dimensions tied to leadership success, Radiant Leadership 360 gives you a clear path to leadership excellence. Through measuring a leader’s effectiveness, Radiant Leadership 360 will help brighten the workplace and improve performance.

amp - attachment motivation performance


AMP makes leading your teams simple. It precisely measures what is hindering employee performance – so you know how to unlock your team’s full potential.

hermann brain dominance

Herrmann Brain Dominance

Instrument (HBDI®) & the Whole Brain® Model are backed by over 35 years of brain-based global research & scientific validation.  This tool provides hard data to help leaders maximize team alignment & high-level impact.